HepaHealth receives funding from the Harvard Social Impact Fellowship Fund

HepaHealth was awarded a grant from the Harvard Social Impact Fellowship Fund to support our work to connect communities to care to help eradicate Hepatitis B in the Philippines.

The Social Impact Fellowship Fund at the Harvard Innovation Lab was established in 2019 through the generosity of Alexander Navab, in honor of The Harvard Business School Campaign. Created to help recipients accelerate and advance their venture creation in social impact sectors, the Navab Fund awards $200,000 per year in grants to Harvard student-led ventures over five years. It was Mr. Navab’s hope that support from this fund would help recipients accelerate and advance their venture creation in social impact sectors.


Alexander Navab was born in Isfahan, Iran in 1965. Following the 1979 Iranian Revolution, his family took refuge in Greece, as his mother was Greek-American. Two years later, they emigrated to the United States, where Mr. Navab attended Harvard Business School and graduated with High Distinction as a Baker Scholar and won the Wolfe Award, the school’s top academic honor. Supporting the institutions that gave him so many opportunities, and creating those opportunities for others, became central to Alex’s life.

He believed strategic philanthropy was an integral part of business where people and resources could be leveraged to address poverty and homelessness, support education, entrepreneurship and economic renewal. At both the community and national level, he galvanized others to join him in this work. Alex realized a lifelong dream of creating his own company, Navab Capital Partners, which from its inception was designed to build great businesses and to leave a lasting impact on the social causes that mattered most to him.

Throughout his life, he was guided by his love for his family and fellow man. His advice to the many people he mentored was: “Rely on faith, value family, cultivate long-term friendships, embrace change, and give back to those in need.”

At HepaHealth, we are deeply honored to receive this award and hope to live up to Alexander Nabov’s name and values in the work that this donation will support.

Read more about the Social Impact Fellowship Fund and its donor, Alexander Nabov, here: https://innovationlabs.harvard.edu/social-impact-fellowship-fund/

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