Our Mission

March 7, 2020
Brgy. Bo. Obrero, Iloilo City – Vaccination Day with Department of Health
To Help Eradicate
Hepatitis B Virus Infection
in the Philippines
Hepatitis B is a fully preventable and manageable disease, but still affects 257 million people worldwide due to a lack of access to healthcare. If we identify all HBV carriers in the Philippines and provide access to effective treatment and vaccination, we can eradicate HBV infection.

Correcting the supply chain failure for hepatitis healthcare products requires data on where patients are, what care they need, and when they need it– with an innovative financial model to sustain providing this care to patients who cannot afford it at market prices.

HepaHealth finds patients and connects them to care through our patient identification and health monitoring programs. Identifying new patients and forecasting their healthcare needs unlocks the Filipino market for our pharmaceutical partners, while volume pricing increases access to vaccines, tests, and medicines for our patient community.

We advocate for greater awareness and against workplace discrimination and social stigmatization of hepatitis carriers. Working with and within the community, we translate our data into policy recommendations to integrate hepatitis care into the national health system and contribute to a framework for hepatitis B eradication throughout the region.

Join our mission to eradicate HEPATITIS B in the Philippines!